Growth Unhinged—An unorthodox take on how to grow a SaaS company

Welcome to Growth Unhinged by Kyle Poyar from OpenView.

Every other week, I take a closer look at what drives a SaaS company’s growth. Expect deep dive takes on product-led growth (PLG), public company benchmarks, SaaS pricing, go-to-market strategy, and much more.

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👋 About me

Hi, I’m Kyle Poyar — Operating Partner at OpenView, the expansion stage VC. I help OpenView’s portfolio companies fuel growth and become market leaders.

In my past life I was a Director at Simon-Kucher & Partners, the leading consulting firm specializing in pricing. When I’m not writing about growth, you can find me playing tennis 🎾, cooking Mediterranean food 🍳, hiking 🥾, attempting to finish a Barry’s workout 💪, or hanging out in Boston.

A sampling of my past posts

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📊 Metrics, benchmarks and strategy

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